Jeremy Cohen

Jeremy is a Mech ‘18 from sunny Toronto, Ontario and is psyched to be on the Fuel Cell team this year. In his spare time, he reads leather-bound books and attempts to solve the world’s energy crisis.

Tom Turcotte

Tom is a fourth-year chemical engineer from Calgary, Alberta. With a passion for the energy industry, Tom has followed the emergence of sustainable energy closely and is a proud member of the Queen’s Fuel Cell Team. When he is not stressing about a Dave Mody class, Tom can be found golfing, watching sports, or on his laptop looking up the hypest sneakers.

Stuart Finley

Stu is a 4th year chemical engineer from Calgary, AB and has been loving every minute working with the other members of the Queen’s Fuel Cell Operation’s Team. Stu recently scored his first goal in LUG after 2 seasons and evidently is a key member of the team. He has also achieved four top 3 placements in Fortnite this month.

Chris Brunet

Chris is a third-year mechanical engineer from Calgary, Alberta. Fascinated by sustainable energy, Chris has worked as an environmental consultant and is proud to have voted for the Green Party in the last provincial election. He is in his sophomore campaign with the QFCT, and believe they would be ‘coming off the rails’ without him. As an ex varsity athlete, humility is in his DNA and his only friends are taller than 6 feet.

Jourdain Piette

Jourdain is a second-year engineering chemistry student from Calgary, Alberta and likes working on anything engineering and chemistry related especially when it is Fuel Cell related. By the end of his degree, Jourdain hopes to learn the optimal amount of pressure needed to pump a keg without any beer head.