California Dreamin’

Hi everyone!

As spring reluctantly crawls into Kingston, QFCT is dreaming of (somewhat) warmer climates that await us next month in Sonoma, California!


The 2018 Shell Eco-Marathon will take place April 19-22nd at the legendary Sonoma Raceway, and QFCT is more excited than ever to show off our year’s work at the competition. Unfortunate circumstances at last year’s Eco-Marathon in Detroit rendered our team unable to compete, so we are hungry for a chance to reclaim first place.

Moving the Shell Eco-Marathon from Michigan to California adds significant logistical and financial challenges to our project, but with the guidance of our amazing Executive Director, we are on track (no pun intended) for a great performance in Sonoma. The 12 QFCT members travelling to competition will be camping at the raceway, and will also get the chance to experience the wonderful city of San Francisco.

With that being said, there is still progress to be made on many fronts before we ship out west, and so we’re keeping our noses to the grindstone. Huge shoutout to our Technical Managers, who have really stepped up to the plate in the last few months.

Stay tuned next week as we hold our Eco-Marathon Unveiling Event on March 29th, on the corner of University & Union!

Shell Eco-Marathon: Day 1 and Opening Ceremonies

QFCT has arrived in Detroit for the 2017 Shell Eco-Marathon. The Eco-Vehicle has undergone initial safety checks and was rolled out for opening ceremonies this morning. If all is well the team will complete the safety inspection today and be on the track for race day tomorrow.

Check out a few of the photos from today:

Chemical and Elec Team Updates

The chemical team is having two fuel cell options run in the competition: the XP-1000 Horizon fuel cell or the Ballard fuel cell. This week, the chemical team decided to change some components in the hydrogen delivery system as some components of the old design has a long delivery time. We have obtained all components needed for both options. The team also collaborated with the electrical team to set up running test for the Horizon fuel cell and the controller for the Ballard fuel cell.

The electrical team remade all of the power and control connections on the horizon fuel cell, and tested it with the motor. We’ve also been rewiring and making some small changes to the auxiliary system (horn, sensors, safety features).

Queen’s Hopes to Repeat at Shell Eco-Marathon

After last years outstanding performance, Queen’s will be returning to the Shell Eco-Marathon from April 27th to 30th this year in Detroit, Michigan.

QFCT at the Shell Eco-Marathon 2016

The team will be entering with a brand new fuel cell to power their vehicle along with many refurbishments and additions in the hopes of another gold medal in the Hydrogen Prototype division.