The snowmobile project began with the donation of a snowmobile from Bombardier. This snowmobile was originally gasoline engine driven. To conform with the standards and goals of QFCT, this engine was stripped from the vehicle and replaced with an electric motor and 20 Dow Kokam 450 A Lithium Polymer Cells. The team used this vehicle to compete in the SAE Clean Snowmobile Challenge (CSC) in Houghton, MI from 2013 to 2015, with their best finish occurring in 2015 when QFCT placed third.

In 2016, the new SAE CSC rules deemed QFCT’s snowmobile frame to be too old, so the team decided to move onto a more fuel cell based competition in the Shell Eco-Marathon. It is QFCT’s ultimate goal to outfit a snowmobile with a fuel cell at some point in the future. Many hurdles will need to be overcome to achieve this goal, namely the start-up of the fuel cell at sub-freezing temperatures. QFCT has had groups of first year students work on this very problem in past years, and the team is confident that with more design and research this ultimate goal will be able to be accomplished!