Technical Managers

Ravin Lee

Ravin is a fourth year chemical engineering student from Kingston, ON. He is a veteran of QFCT, starting out as a member of the Stack Team in second year, gaining experience with the Operations Team as Sponsorship Manager, and culminating his tenure as Stack Co-Manager. QFCT has guided his passion to the energy industry to promote a sustainable de-carbonizing economy. In Ravin’s free time, he likes to talk about how much he knows about cryptocurrency and stocks even though he has no assets and does not plan to buy ever.

Patrick Taylor

Patrick is a 3rd year Chemical Engineering student from Barbados. His passion for alternative energy guided him towards QFCT as a first year student and has been hooked ever since. When he’s not complaining about how cold it is in Canada, he’s probably out playing soccer, or pretending to study while watching soccer.

Scott Thomas

Scott is a 3rd year Physics student from Kingston, ON. When he’s not trying to solve for the hyperfine structure of the Hydrogen Atom, or calculating the transfer orbit of a satellite, he likes to spend his time sailing, playing hockey and playing with his roommate’s cat Phoebe.

Michael Albinson

Michael is a 4th year Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science dual degree student from San Francisco, CA. Michael loves working on challenging problems that stretch the definition of what is possible in engineering. He combines his passion for engineering, environmentalism and computer science as the electrical control system team manager. When he is not catastrophically overcommitted, he enjoys playing guitar, skateboarding and coffee. Lots of coffee.