Benjamin Blackford

Benjamin Blackford – Mech Co-Manager

Hi there! My names Ben Blackford and I’m in fourth year Mechanical Engineering. I’m also the captain of the Queen’s Varsity Frisbee team and I own my own 3D printer. A few fun facts about myself are that I can spin just about any large, flat object on my finger (think clipboard, textbook, etc), and I’m currently learning sign language (very slowly).

Chris Little

Chris Little – Mech Co-Manager

My name is Chris Little and I am in my third year of Mechanical Engineering at Queen’s. In my spare time I enjoy playing FIFA with my housemates until Josh decides to hit someone (Tony). I also enjoy crushing a nap everyday.

Keir Darling

Keir Darling – Elec Co-Manager

My name is Keir Darling, and I’m in third year of Engineering Physics here at Queen’s. When I’m not studying, I like to play instruments, read novels with my cat or occasionally track down 1970s consumer electronics manuals. I also have a pretty rad mechanical pencil collection.

Christopher Lai

Christopher Lai – Elec Co-Manager

Hi, my name is Chris Lai and I am a third year Computer Engineering student here at Queen’s, with an interest in virtual assistants and a love for manga. Recreational worrier.

Katie Sloman

Katie Sloman – Chem Co-Manager

Hi I’m Katie Sloman and I am a fourth year Chemical Engineering student at Queen’s University, returning from a year doing a co-op! I play a lot of soccer and have competed in tournaments in Sweden, Germany, California, and Las Vegas.

Avery Ngo

Avery Ngo – Chem Co-Manager

Hi, I am Avery Ngo and I’m currently in my third year of Chemical Engineering at Queen’s. As an international student, I’m interested in exploring different cultures. In my free time, I like to read manga, watch horror movies and learn Japanese as well as coding.