Technical Managers

Zach Hanson

Zach is a third year chemical engineering student from BC. He is a veteran of QFCT, starting out as a member of the Elec Team in second year, gaining experience and becoming an elec team manager.

Myles Putnins

Myles is a 3rd year Biochemical Engineering student from Vancouver BC. His passion for alternative energy guided him towards QFCT as a second year student and has been hooked ever since. When he’s not complaining about how cold it is in Kingston, he’s probably out in the cluster working or in the cluster pretending to work.

Olivia Brayley

Olivia is a 3rd year Biochemical Engineering student from Toronto, ON. She is currently chemical manager for QFCT.

Michael Albinson

Michael is a 4th year Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science dual degree student from San Francisco, CA. Michael loves working on challenging problems that stretch the definition of what is possible in engineering. He combines his passion for engineering, environmentalism and computer science as the electrical control system team manager. When he is not catastrophically overcommitted, he enjoys playing guitar, skateboarding and coffee. Lots of coffee.

Bri Sullivan

Bri is a 4th year Chemical Engineering student from Kingston ON. She is currently a manager for the chem team.