Electric SnowMobile

Over the past 4 years QFCT focused there efforts on developing an all electric snowmobile that placed 3rd in the 2014 SAE clean snowmobile challenge

Shell Eco-Marathon

QFCT has now transferred there efforts to competing in this year's Shell Eco-Marathon with help from our friends on the Eco-Vehicle Team here at Queens

Golf Cart

The fuel cell powered golf cart was QFCT's first fuel cell project. It is primarily used to educate new members on how hydrogen fuel cells are used to power real vehicles

How we work together

The QFCT Mechanical Team is responsible for all mechanical aspects of the competition vehicles. The team also works closely with the Stack and Electrical teams to provide any and all structural accommodations required for their components... - Matt Swift, Mechanical Team Manager

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Queen’s Fuel Cell Team focuses on developing commercial applications of fuel cells. The role of the Electrical Team is to ensure that the system incorporating the fuel cell is as efficient as possible while following safety regulations... - Filipe Gonzales, Electrical Team Manager

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The Stack Team is focusing on two major projects this year: the design of a hydrogen transmission system for our Shell Eco-Marathon competition vehicle, as well as the design and construction of our very own PEM fuel cell... - Steve Herman, Stack Team Manager

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